Our Services

Integra solutions is a business & finance advisory that offers the proficiency and experience of a multinational tax firm, within the cost of a local setup.

Book keeping accounting taxation services

Integra Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a firm specializing in the task of bookkeeping and accounting and taxation related services. With us managing the books and updating records, you can focus on the core revenue generation activities. Our work schema is well laid out and by working with you onsite and offsite, we suitably cover outsourced service areas like accounting services and solutions, book-keeping solutions, outsourced financial array of services , budgeting solutions and more.

Service Inclusions:

  • Execution of the various tasks included under the service heads viz., book-keeping, accounts management and financial accounting.
  • Treasury management and advisory services
  • We not just prepare and present budgeting related results, but also extend implementation support.
  • Direct and indirect tax computations and planning for individuals, fillings, resolutions, refunds and follow-up support.
  • Export realization related assistance and consultancy on associated government formalities.
  • Attending to all corporate and director related legal issues and hearings.
  • Managing internal audits and to this end, maintaining attendance in all relevant board meeting
  • Legal drafting and vetting of documents and agreements meant for internal company communication or external communication with clients and suppliers.
  • Payroll management
  • Due diligence services

  • At Integra Solutions we present the results in form of comprehensive MIS reports, which not just apprise the stakeholder with the financial health of the company, but also help draft out the financial strategy of the company, thereby fostering growth. The online version of accounting service package is also available.